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Dark Fire Designs

Heavy Desert Troopers

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Get ready to unleash the full firepower of the elite Imperial Desert Trooper squad, armed with a deadly arsenal of heavy weapons. These highly specialized soldiers are trained to take on critical missions in the most unforgiving desert environments with their cutting-edge technology and advanced combat gear.

In addition to their survival gear, the Desert Troopers are equipped with heavy weaponry, designed to deliver devastating firepower against any enemy. These weapons include specialized scopes and ammunition that are optimized for long-range engagements, making them a formidable force against any foe.

This comprehensive kit includes all the necessary parts to construct a fully modular desert trooper squad, including heavy weapons for maximum impact. Designed to be used with Resin 3D printers, this kit comes with supported and standard STL files for easy printing and assembly.

Deploy the ranks of the most fearsome fighters in the galaxy and lead your Imperial Desert Trooper squad to victory. With this kit, you'll have everything you need to create a deadly fighting force, ready to take the fight to the enemy even in the harshest desert planets.

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FAQ About Our STL Files

What kind of printers work best for your models?

Our models are specifically designed for Resin SLA and DLP printers.

What scale are your miniatures?

Our miniatures are scaled at 1:46. Our models were created to have more realistic proportions and may appear leaner than Heroic scaled figures.

Can I buy your miniatures without using a 3D Printer? 

Yes, check our distributor page here:

What slicer software should I use for printing your stl files?

We strongly recommend using Chitubox to open these files

Where will the files go?

We have an online library on our site! Simply click your account icon at the top of the page.

How do I download my files?

Under Account you'll be taken to your order history page. Simply click the order number and you'll be taken to a download page to recieve your files!