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Dark Fire Designs

Termination Trooper Squad

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Termination Troopers

“As I thought. Young. From the very last production line. Which means they were brought online after the purge, as an expendable death squad for the Inquisitors."

This listing is for the STL files, not the printed miniature.

When the Republic fell and the Empire replaced it the last of the Republic Troopers where reformed as Imperial Termination Troopers. These soldiers were completely and unquestionably loyal to the Empire but seemed to lack some of the autonomy and skill of previous generations of Republic Troopers. Despite this setback these soldiers hunted down and eliminated any dissidence in the galaxy with ruthless efficiency but where seen as largely expendable force by their Inquisitor commanders.  

This pack gives you the parts to build an entirely modular Termination Trooper Squad. This kit is designed for resin 3d printers.

Besides pre-supported and standard STLs this kit includes:

  • Parts to make close combat and ranged Termination Troopers.
  • LED compatible Kits and Standard Kits.
  • 5 Prebuilt Models so you can quickly deploy your forces.

Add more variety to your Termination Troopers by combining them with other modular kits from Dark Fire Designs.

The original model is made for 1:46 scale and designed to have more realistic proportions and may appear leaner than “heroic scaled” figures.

We STRONGLY recommend using the Chitubox slicer.

This model is designed for Resin SLA and DLP printers.


Upon purchase, the End-User agrees to print these files for personal use and not for any commercial printing endeavors. Please do not share or sell these files or print to sell after purchase.

This model is not endorsed by or affiliated with Disney or Lucasarts.

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FAQ About Our STL Files

What kind of printers work best for your models?

Our models are specifically designed for Resin SLA and DLP printers.

What scale are your miniatures?

Our miniatures are scaled at 1:46. Our models were created to have more realistic proportions and may appear leaner than Heroic scaled figures.

Can I buy your miniatures without using a 3D Printer? 

Yes, check our distributor page here:

What slicer software should I use for printing your stl files?

We strongly recommend using Chitubox to open these files

Where will the files go?

We have an online library on our site! Simply click your account icon at the top of the page.

How do I download my files?

Under Account you'll be taken to your order history page. Simply click the order number and you'll be taken to a download page to recieve your files!