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Dark Fire Designs

The Berserker

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"Just don't call him a walking carpet, or he'll roll you up like one"

This listing is for the STL files, not the printed miniature.

In the dense forests of a remote planet, there lived a Kragnar named Kurrnash, known for his legendary ferocity in battle. As a berserker, Kurrnash was feared by many for his brutal tactics, but he only fought to protect his people and his homeworld from those who sought to exploit them.
One day, while defending his planet against an Imperial invasion, Kurrnash's family and tribe were killed in the battle. Fueled by grief and anger, Kurrnash charged into the fray, unleashing his berserker rage upon the enemy.

In the aftermath of the battle, Kurrnash was the only survivor. With nothing left to fight for on his homeworld, he decided to join the Crusaders in their fight against the Empire.

Though he was initially met with suspicion and fear by some of the Crusaders, Kurrnash quickly proved his worth as a fierce warrior, using his formidable strength and battle skills to take down enemy troops and protect his new brothers and sisters.

Despite his intense rage and ferocity, Kurrnash found a sense of purpose and belonging among the Crusaders, and he knew that he would continue to fight with all his might to ensure that no other planet would suffer the same fate as his beloved homeworld.

This is a model that is already set up and ready to use, and it comes in the standard STL file format and pre-supported. It's designed to be easy to assemble and quick to paint, so you can get your miniatures ready for tabletop in no time! This model was originally released on Dark Fire Designs as part of their March from Mandos in March 2023.

The original model is made for 1:46 scale and designed to have more realistic proportions and may appear leaner than “heroic scaled” figures.

3d Printers:

We STRONGLY recommend using the Chitubox slicer.

This model is designed for Resin SLA and DLP printers.

Upon purchase, the End-User agrees to print these files for personal use and not for any commercial printing endeavors. Please do not share or sell these files or print to sell after purchase.

This model is not endorsed by or affiliated with Disney or Lucasarts.

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FAQ About Our STL Files

What kind of printers work best for your models?

Our models are specifically designed for Resin SLA and DLP printers.

What scale are your miniatures?

Our miniatures are scaled at 1:46. Our models were created to have more realistic proportions and may appear leaner than Heroic scaled figures.

Can I buy your miniatures without using a 3D Printer? 

Yes, check our distributor page here:

What slicer software should I use for printing your stl files?

We strongly recommend using Chitubox to open these files

Where will the files go?

We have an online library on our site! Simply click your account icon at the top of the page.

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